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Our residency (and sustainability) program the “Creatives Oasis” hosts creatives and social entrepreneurs from around the world in community to community programs where we can exchange ideas and workshop with them – them being fabulous people like yourself! Come, relax a bit, enjoy the ocean and mountains, eat yummy home-cooked meals, hang out with awesome people, exchange some awesome ideas and create a ripple effect, elevating the lives in our community and beyond.

Bring your family, other loved ones or creatives too! There is space for up to four people (who you feel very comfortable with 😀 ).

We will also rent the space out via Airbnb and other outlets to help sustain the rest of our programs. We are especially interested in providing the space to other creatives so that they may have affordable, inspiring working-retreat space to write, paint, etc. If you know anyone who needs such a getaway, please tell them about the Creatives Oasis. To reserve your time at the Creatives Oasis, please email us at .

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