Give a little to make a big IMPACT .

Be an Amsmoon Beloved to foster education, enrichment and expression for the community in Aourir, Morocco. Every little bit helps!

Welcome to AMSMOON Makers Collective


– Why do we do this right here?

Aourir is a working-class, fishermen’s community just outside richly tourist-friendly Agadir.

The majority of residents live below the poverty line, so how are they supposed to access these kinds of services proven to boost lives? Aourir is in great need of non-government organizations like Amsmoon. Amsmoon is in great need of donors’ support to continue and expand our help to the community.

What You Can Do ?

Amsmoon admits to being very ambitious in our programs and we are confident that our capable, dedicated and growing team can continue to nurture our current much-needed programs and expand them.

We have the time and skills, all we need is a boost of resources. Donors can help in many simple ways to improve the quality of life for the residents in our community, having a ripple effect that we know will be far reaching.

  1. Become a Beloved :

    committing to donate the equivalent of $12 or £12 a month for one year to help cover our utilities and other basic expenses, Make your donation HERE.


  1. Send some stuff :

    make a one-time purchase of items we need to build our two sustainability projects – an open office space and our residency program.


  1. Sponsor a Partnership :

    your organization can choose which of our programs is most in alignment with yours and sponsor us, including: mentoring and tutoring high school students, women’s program, nutrition program, arts department, and the creative residency program.


  1. Quick Drop :

    feeling what we do and want to send a few dollars to support? Please do so! Our PayPal payment code is HERE .


  1. Connect-Connect-Connect :

    know someone who would be a great fit to come volunteer with us or to financially aid us? Please introduce us and share this flier with your connections.



  • Free and low-cost English acquisition with native speakers.
  • An affordable open office work space with high speed internet and computers.
  • Free and low-cost workshops for software and computer literacy.
  • A lending-library with titles requested by the community.
  • Self-development and psychology workshops in group-settings.
  • Free and affordable enrichment field trips for those who otherwise do not travel.
  • Residency program for visiting creatives and entrepreneurs.
  • Women’s program tailored to meet the complicated needs of young Moroccan women.
  • A makers’ workshop with tools and assistance for individuals and local groups to create.
  • Fresh produce, healthy snacks, and nourishment to fuel attendees while at Amsmoon.

The World Without Us?

Third Places, as we have built at Amsmoon, are the proven cure for many societal ills especially in communities like ours where far too many families live below the poverty line, We can reduce problems such as :

  •   Criminal behaviors – especially gang activities and drug abuse.
  •   Illiteracy and functional Illiteracy.
  •   Dropping out of school.
  •   Continued cycles of domestic violence.
  •   Unemployment.
  •   Depression.
  •   Addiction – we have found many of our attendees have at least one family member with addiction issues.

Their help make this come to life

Our beloveds

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Sandie & Gilbert Benoit

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Khalida Haque

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Patron of Entrepreneurship

Give a little to make a big IMPACT .

Be an Amsmoon Beloved to foster education, enrichment and expression for the community in Aourir, Morocco. Every little bit helps!